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Incorporated in the year 2008, Pristine Group is one of the leading Indian multi-modal integrated logistics players. We provide logistics infrastructure and services, pivoted around rail transportation networks. Pristine provides synergetic logistics infrastructure and services across the spectrum, including non-container, container, rail transportation and road transportation services. We also provide integrated logistics solutions by offering, (i). warehousing, storage and cargo handling, (ii). rail transportation, (iii). road transportation, and (iv). third-party logistics (“3PL”) services. . We are active on both, the western and eastern coasts of India.

Pristine Group Profile

Pristine Group has established an execution track record in the development and operations of ICDs and PFTs. We have integrated our rail-focussed logistics infrastructure with our logistics offerings.

We currently operate five logistics parks, through our Subsidiaries, in various districts of Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh), Ludhiana (Punjab), Siliguri (West Bengal), Patna (Bihar) and Birgunj (Nepal) and are authorised to handle both containers as well as cargo carried on Indian railway wagons.

We transport a wide range of cargo, which can be broadly classified into two categories: (i) container (EXIM and domestic); and (ii). non-container cargoes (liquid, break-bulk and bulk).

Our rail services are focussed on rail-linked PFTs, ICDs or rail-linked hinterland port services for containerized cargo, and rail services for EXIM containers between hinterland ICDs and gateway ports.

Our multi-modal services offer a combination of rail-road (including CTO and specialised rail transportation such as dwarf containers) linked services and are focussed on containerized domestic cargo and Indo-Nepal trade cargo.

Our terminal services provide solutions for cargo movement using wagons owned by the Indian Railways, including handling, storage, consolidation, and distribution of such cargo.

Our 3PL services combine our offerings of traditional transportation and administration of services with ancillary value-added services, such as warehousing, labelling, and product packaging.

Our first-mile, last-mile services establish us as an organized and integrated transportation services provider. Pristine owns warehousing area of approximately 9,05,000 square feet and approximately 2,624 Domestic standard containers and 395 dwarf containers. Further, we operate approximately 390 trailers and 37 rakes.

Our integrated service offerings have helped us forge long-standing relationships with our customers

Pristine group strives to embed environmental and social considerations in its decision making and work towards the reduction of carbon emissions, conservation of water resources and waste management at all times considering the ecological impact. Further, the group has adopted and will continue to apply global best practices in respect of environment, health, sustainability and social standards.

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