Siliguri Logistics Park

Our Siliguri terminal comprises an ICD and PFT and achieved its commercial operations date in December 2020. It is located at the Siliguri & Jalpaiguri Development Authority Tea Park (11 k.m. from Hill Cart Road, Siliguri Junction) on 33 acres of land. It operates two handling lines and comprises warehousing space of 49,000 sq. ft. This terminal has locational advantage as there is no other ICD in the vicinity of Siliguri. It is located in the vicinity of the critical tea industry, and is strategically placed for robust domestic and international cargo movement to states such as Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal. We intend to tap into the potential traffic to Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh, which can act as a gateway to North-East India and the bordering countries. We started consignments to Bangladesh with the mode of Electronic Cargo Tracking System (“ECTS”).

The key commodities handled through this terminal are,

EXIM-focussed (including, imports from Nepal and Bhutan): tea,meat, pharmaceutical products
and maize, and

domestic-focused, such as tea, cement, auto-parts, tiles, sugar and fertilizer. It benefits from the
catchment area that spans across North-West Bengal, East Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Bihar.

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