First mile to last mile

“We were in the direct firing line of exporters and importers at CONCOR during 2001-06,” recalls Amit Kumar who, along with three friends – Rajnish Kumar, Durgesh Govil, and Sanjay Mawar – set up Pristine Logistics & Infraprojects Limited

Pristine Logistics Adding value in India

Efficient networks connect regions and facilitate trade, enable economies of scale and economic specialisation, and reduce the cost of goods and services for consumers. Freight must flow on the right mode of transport – rail for high-density and long-distance flows, and road for medium-distance and last-mile links – and be connected by logistics hubs to maximise the efficiency of the network.

Pristine Logistics & Infraprojects making process paperless, lean and automatic with recent technology trends

Amit Kapoor DGM-IT/Application Pristine Logistics & Infraprojects

The key priorities are:
Driving and embedding digital transformation in the company business strategy
Being responsive to internal clients
Dealing with disruption
Increasing focus on cyber security
Increasing focus on privacy and security of customer data