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“The line between disorder and order lies in Logistics”.Sun Tzu said this more than 2600 years ago.Logistics continues to impact outcomes – on bottom-lines and market share; on USPs and customer satisfaction; and, of course, on success and failure.Technology and algorithms have helped in automation.And, the human mindcontinues to sizzle – the audacious intervention, the perfect rendezvous with the perfect solution,unheralded permutations, the new and beyond the obvious.At Pristine, we realize that Logistics is about predictability and reliability – about perfecting the mechanics…
We also know that Logistics is about unending possibilities! We at Pristine urge you to let lose your instincts in creating value in what you do best and let us handle the rest.At Pristine, we give you “passion on move”.

Pristine Group Profile

Pristine was born toward the end of 2009, when some chums decided to re-engineer and agglutinate their life-paths. Begun with everything these friends had, and riding on the investment of some world class Private Equity Funds, Pristine set out to build multi-modal terminals capable of handling cargo moving by rail and road.Today, we –

Create and operate Rail-linked Logistics Parks & Container Terminals

Run Container Trains across the length and breadth of the country

Own a fleet of more than 225 road vehicles, and growing every month

Run warehouses for EXIM and domestic cargo

Manage consolidation and distribution requirements of bulk and break-bulk commodities

Own crude-edible oil storage and transportation facilities

Cold Chain solutions on rail and road

Domestic and EXIM Forwarding (3 PL Solutions)

We are a Logistics Solution Provider (LSP). While we like dishing our end-to-end solutions, we are not averse to getting ourselves plugged – in at any stage of the supply chain. As an LSP, we play all the shotsin the coaching manual, but some more as well. To extend the cricketing imagery further, we bat on all kinds of pitches – from 2PL to 4PL.

We create world class infrastructure, but what we enjoy doing most is to connect with our customers and to roll out our customized products to service their logistics requirements. Our customers rely on our ability to dive deep and understand them, inside out, and so we conduct a large part of our business that has no geographical connect with our facilities.

If we have an anthem, “RAIL” will be its leitmotif, for sure. But, to add one more layer of paradox, rail is probably just 50% of what we do. We love Railways and believe it should and can be the right mode for many requirements, yet we love our customers far more and know that Rail cannot fit into every solution.

Our facilities are very important to us. This is where, we believe, we can make a difference. Our countryis beset with egregious gaps in logistics infrastructure.

Pristine, as a service provider and as an perator,is navigating the rough waters of Indian Infrastructure and probably knows more than quite a few, a thing or two about these gaps, and feels compelled to create world class infrastructure at such logistics-deficient locations.

More than anything, Pristine stands for nothing, if not for “growth”. It has an aggressive growth strategy and believes in, and is working toward, creating a pan-India network of Terminals / Logistics Parks.

To know more about Pristine, please look up the dictionary for “integrity”, “teamwork”, “leadership”, “responsibility”, “passion” and, of course, “pristine”.

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When the Team discusses choices, we preamble every discussion with the motto of “dream big and never compromise”.And, why not when the Pristine Vision is to –

Create pockets of Logistics excellence throughout the country and contribute to the “Make in India” dream.

To offer opportunities to entrepreneurs, producers and sellers to be globally competitive.

Imbue the notion of “trust” with all its glorious connotations in Pristine’s brand equity.

To become a repository of Logistics knowledge, ground-up experiential learning and magnet for logistics professionals who never compromise.

To create a professional space where ethnicity, religion, gender or caste is an incidental and irrelevant fact.

To create a company that is respected for its integrity.

To be synonymous with the notions of nimble-footedness, creativity and lateral-thinking.

To be at the forefront of Logistics ideation and be recognized as an industry thought-leader.

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Pristine is clearly on the, somewhat, clichéd mission of “do or die”, but in a motivational way.In more definitive terms, our Mission can best be described as follows –

To create a “happy” team of diverse talents who are self-motivated and passionate, perspicacious enough to value their contribution and confident enough to make mistakes.

To develop delivery systems that are robust and yet alive, that are iron-clad but with a human touch and that which spotlights every single step (transparency) but flexible enough to meet emanant challenges.

To make the idea of service quality deeply engrained at every level of the Company.

To develop symbiotic connect with customers for ideas and feedback.

To burrow into every conceivable growth opportunity that syncs with Pristine’s vision to enable rapid growth of the Company.

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Management Team

The Promoter team came together, or rather, came back together in 2009 to form Pristine Logistics. All of them have been friends for a couple of decades.









Birganj, Nepal



Kathmandu, Nepal