Exim Containers

Pristine operates 4 ICDs (Inland Container Depots) at Kanpur, Ludhiana, Siliguri and Birgunj (Nepal). This is where we ladle our standard and value-added terminal-focused EXIM logistics services.

Standard services include –

Railing solution for import and export containers from & to all the major western Ports

Container and cargo operations, including those required for customs examination, weighment, delivery, railing, warehousing, etc.

Transit and bonded warehousing solutions including

Customized storage and M&R solution for Shipping Line Containers

JIT Road Transportation solutions

Domestic Containers

All our terminals – Kanpur, Ludhiana, Siliguri and Bihta are capable of handling Domestic Containers. Pristine strongly believes in the potential of containerization in the domestic logistics space. Pristine offers domestic containers as a competitive alternative to road solutions using 3PL models, third party rakes and containers, its own terminal infrastructure and (200 +) trailer fleet, Railway CRTs (Container Rail Terminals), etc., to provide door-to-door solutions for domestic requirements.


Company has approx. 2150 Domestic End Open and Side Access Containers for Rail transportation of Tiles from Morbi area, White Cement of JK, Sponge iron to its Bihta & Ludhiana terminal.

Dwarf Containers

Dwarf Containers are specially designed containers which can move under wire on rail in double stack mode over the IR network as well as roads without any violation of Motor Vehicle Act. The loadability of the container train can be increased substantially in terms of volume and weight which in turn become competitive and provide seamless service and minimum handling of cargo.


Company has close to 415 Dwarf containers 40 ft for transportation of Light weight cargo like different grades of Polyester, Polymers from Reliance Industries and other customers.

Rail Transportation

Pristine possesses the pan – India License from the Indian Railways to operate container trains from anywhere in India to anywhere.In addition to rail services at our own facilities in Kanpur and Ludhiana, Pristine operates rail services at select locations in the National Capital Region (NCR) as well.


Pristine Group has taken PAN India 50 Cr Category I Container Train Operator License in Jan 2017 and is running 32 BLC/ BLCM rakes ( 14 BLC/ BLCM rakes are owned by it and balance 18 Rakes are on Lease basis). The following EXIM and Domestic services are being run by the company.

Ludhiana PLPC – MDPT, PLPC – PPSP EXIM; MKPP- JNPT EXIM; PHNJ- C Kolkata Port EXIM and PHNJ- AOMM Domestic; MPIB – Gotan & Katni Domestic; MKPP- Gotan & Katni Domestic; PLPC – Gotan & Katni Domestic; MPIB – AOMM Domestic; Jamnagar – MSTC Bawal Domestic; Jamnagar- PLPC Domestic; Jamnagar- Vapi Domestic; Gotan- PHNJ Domestic.

Rail Bulk Transportation

The Railway is the first-choice solution for almost every kind of bulk commodity including liquids and specially when the quantum size of movement is high.

Pristine’s Terminal have developed capabilities to handle and store bulk liquids as well as bulk solids for diverse industries such edible oil to clinker. Each commodity requires customization and Pristine has been able to contribute significantly to efficiencies and economy in supply chains that involve bulk commodities, especially on the input side of the production lines.

Innovations are at the heart of all efforts to create seamless multi-modal logistics solutions for bulk commodities. And, at the heart of every innovation lies an attempt at enhancing mechanization, economy and technology.

Freight Terminal

Pristine operates 4 PFTs at Kanpur, Ludhiana, Siliguri and Bihta. The PFT facilities have congestion free infrastructure with warehousing facility within terminal. These are equipped with Modern and New Equipment. We have dedicated trained manpower to handle the cargo. Adequate safety measures are adhered both for manpower as well as safety of cargo. All our terminals are operated 24 x 7, ensuring faster evacuation. Also, the location of terminals are such that there is no restrictions on vehicular movement. No concern of Demurrage/Wharfage for the customers as Pristine at its facilities take liability of all such charges payable to Indian Railways.Pristine with its own fleet of trailers and labour has a better control and reliability in this process. The lack of dependence on any third party provider fixes the responsibility directly to us. We ensure fully secured environment, with presence of security personnel at the terminal with Entry/Exit restrictions at all terminals. There is continuous information flow to update the position of cargo.

Road Transportation

Pristine operates 300+ road vehicles connecting shippers with various stakeholders including terminals. All our vehicles are equipped with GPS to provide real time information on the where about of the vehicles.


Pristine operates 5 Lac Sq. feet of warehousing space across country which includes both dry and temperature-controlled warehouses. Our warehouses are modern, multi-user warehouses designed and built to suit ambient and temp controlled storage and handling.

Containers M&R

We at Pristine quickly realized the importance of the “box” like steel structure called the “container”. Amongst the few hygiene elements critical to the success of supply chains dependent on containers was a “good quality box”. This is a vehicle for providing repair and maintenance to containers of containers.
It is intriguing that this quintessentially uncomplicated equipment is challenging to maintain. Many supply chains have borne the brunt of a below-par quality container. And, for these good reasons, we stepped in to help improve efficiencies for all concerned -whether it be the Shipping Lines or the exporters – all of who make a simple ask, that is, to give a good quality container at the right time and in good time.
Techlog’s footprint now not only spreads across the various locations where Pristine runs its ICDs but also a few other places where there is demand of quality in repair and maintenance work of containers at reasonable cost and in efficient time.


Pristine offers non – asset based solutions but is presently focusing on distribution and delivery logistics of commodities moving predominantly by rail. Long term contracts embracing scope that involves cargo-handling, warehousing and distribution to dealer / retail network has, increasingly, become a focus area for Pristine. Similar services are offered using our assets (PFT) where the scope involves geographies that fall in the catchment of our terminals.Pristine has come to enjoy the challenges of discrepant and distinct commodities – from edible in sachets to cement, from steel to sand or from food grains to liquid bulk.